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Improve your newsletter

Why is newsletter so important in companies’ marketing strategy? Well, it is the best marketing communication method, which brings benefits to the company but also to the customers. By using electronic mail we can easily build brand and customer loyalty, advertise the company, inform about the special offers, and that way acquire or convert customers. What is more, newsletter is… Read more →


Newsletters are an excellent way to keep your customers…

…informed about your latest offers, promotions and product lines. They are a great opportunity for you to not only maintain customer loyalty by driving repeat sales but also by attracting new business. You should of course take great care and consideration when planning the content and design of your newsletter. The graphic layout should be clear and well organized, taking… Read more →


How to keep the high standard communication via newsletter

The customers don’t avoid the contact with the company. However they are really pleased when the contact is effective, informative and about the products they are interested in. The best way to stay in contact with the clients is to give them the chance to register to the newsletter. Unfortunately the companies’ representatives cannot forget that the present customers are… Read more →


The newsletter inspiration, which satisfies the customers

The companies have to be always on the run to keep their clients beside them. And it’s not easy to offer always something new and something interesting for the customers. Therefore the firms’ representatives do changes where they can be made without making a lot of effort and without spending a lot of money. The best example is the newsletters.… Read more →


Make a use of blog – write the blog – use wordpress.

There are more and more people who are considering starting the blog and being an online writer. It is childish simple to start the blog and write posts. However, there are plenty people who think similarly on the Internet and want to write something about their everyday life. That is why, it is essential to think about applying more advance… Read more →

Communication concept

E-mail marketing – what are the main activities?

Everyone has heard of e-mail marketing. Not many people know that this kind of marketing is present in the everyday world and there are people whose live is dedicated to this field, they do it as a normal, everyday job. What are the main activities of e-mail marketing? There are four of them: creation and development of e-mail addresses databases… Read more →