May 30, 2023
Meek Mill Apologizes For Filming Music Video At Ghana's Jubilee House

Meek Mill expressed regret after his recent music video got him into trouble. After filming a music video at the Jubilee House, a government building that serves as both a residence and an office for Ghana’s president, the Philadelphia rapper took to Twitter to apologize to the people of Ghana.

Meek responded on Monday, January 9, to many Ghanaians who thought it was disrespectful, saying, “To the people of Ghana, no video I drop is ever meant to disrespect the people of Ghana.” He went on to say, “The quickest way to connect is through music, and I wanted to do that by displaying art… I’m in my 30s from America and had little knowledge of the culture here.”

In a subsequent tweet, the “God Did” rapper expressed regret for his decision. “Please accept my apologies if I have offended anyone! We will continue to work to connect black people in America and Africa “The rapper elaborated. “What I’m attempting to do is more than a video, which you should see soon! Please accept my apologies to everyone at the office!”

Meek also stated that it was never his intention to incite conflict between Africans and black Americans when discussing culture. “I’m just not here for no separation of anything black,” Meek said on Twitter. “We’re already too far apart and don’t understand each other’s cultures. Let us use this to help fix that and to be less judgmental of one another!”

Meek faced backlash after releasing a teaser for his new music video, which was shot at Ghana’s Presidential Office. Meek shot the video while in Ghana for a performance at Afro Nation over the holidays.

Some Internet users chastised Meek for disrespecting the location shortly after he posted it. “Is it true that Meek Mill filmed a music video at Jubilee House? This is the lowest point we can reach as a nation “One Twitter user stated. “What happened to the phrase “Jubilee House is a security zone?” Even the American Embassy in Ghana prohibits photography, and Ghana allows Jubilee House to function as a studio. We have finished.”

“Director of Diaspora Affairs and Minister of Interior, you really get questions answered for that Meek Mill video oooo.. how’s a drone flying over the Jubilee house? As innnnnnnnn???? You can’t even take a photo in Independence Square without getting jumped by’security’ Herh! “Someone else chimed in. Another user commented, “Nah!! Why are we allowing this to become so serious? Can Meek Mill film a music video in the Oval Office?”

Meek has since deleted the post in response to the backlash.